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  • Best Places to Volunteer

    If you think that there is nothing you can do to resolve some of the world’s biggest problems, think again. The complex issues involving poverty and environment among many others may seem too much for one person to tackle. But imagine what a huge number of individuals can do to make a dent on the social ills that plague the world. Volunteering is one of the many ways to be proactive about giving back and paying it forward. It is something that anyone can do. Here are the best places to volunteer and connect with like-minded people who are making a difference in whatever little way they can.


    There is no better place to take those first small steps towards volunteerism but at your community. Look for opportunities to help on local groups’ projects that you may be interested to work with. It could be at the community center, church, or organizations working on various causes in your area.

    Volunteer travel is another great way to take action. It not only allows you to take part in activities that support the advocacies that you want to work with. It also gives you the opportunity to travel to different destinations and learn more about other cultures.

    The home of the Angkor Wat has so many amazing things beyond the ancient temples and ruins. It is a great place to work with children who are in need. Volunteer opportunities include education, medical, and community related work.

    Colombia has long been associated with violence given past events that make tourists wary of traveling to the country. But there have been positive changes over the years. It is now seeing a growing number of volunteers who come to work with underprivileged children.

    Volunteering in India is an excellent opportunity to get to meet people and learn about their culture not to mention the chance to enjoy the traditional cuisines. You can choose from several advocacies to work on like children’s development, public health, and more.

    This beautiful and mostly unspoiled country lags behind its Asian neighbors in terms of development. Volunteers who travel to the country can look forward to working on causes like children’s welfare and development, education, and public health among others.

    The country’s breathtaking scenery serves as a backdrop to its orphanages that have drawn an increasing number of volunteers from around the world. Teaching English and other orphanage-related tasks are among the things you can do when volunteering in Nepal.

  • Simple Ways To Fight Poverty By Yourself

    fighting poverty

    As much as we’d like to deny it, the fact remains that poverty is still rampant without any awareness most countries. As much as we’d like to deny it, the fact also remains that poverty is still rampant without any resolution in most countries. As much as we’d like to deny it, the fact even remains that poverty is still rampant because of us in most countries.

    And no, you read that right. And yes, you also read that right.

    Poverty is still rampant in most countries due to lack of awareness. Without awareness, poverty remains rampant due to lack of resolution. Without resolution, poverty remains rampant because of us – the ones who only turn a blind eye, the ones who only take things for granted, and most of all: the ones who don’t have to lose anything.

    Then again, there are still those who are aware about poverty more than others. Then again, there are also those who are resolute about poverty more than others. Then again, there are even those who are just like any other person in this world – only this time, they are the ones who don’t care about having to lose anything, so long as they get to help other people get up on their feet and fight poverty like never before in their entire lives.

    And if you’re looking to be a significant part of the latter group, you can begin with these simple ways to fight poverty by yourself:

    Write about it.

    Writing about it means more visibility. More visibility means more awareness. More awareness means more resolutions and so on and so forth. The bottom line here is, writing about it – poverty itself, as well as its short-term effects on the well-being of a person and its long-term effects on the well-being of a person’s loved ones – will definitely make all the difference, both in the hearts and minds of people and even those who only turn a blind eye and who only take things for granted.

    Act on it.

    It could be as simple as baking your own bread and giving to the homeless people, along with other things they need such as blankets and water. It could also be as elaborate as creating your own company and hiring from the homeless people, along with other benefits they need such as monthly raises and healthcare. Actions speak louder than words, after all. What better way to fight poverty by yourself than acting as a medium for other people, especially the homeless people, to get a better life for themselves?

    Do you agree with these points? Share your thoughts with us below!

  • Fighting Against Poverty In Your Own Little Way


    There’s no shortage of what you can do to help other people – be it for the children or for the environment.

    That being said, here are some tips as you fight against poverty in your own little way:

    Join feeding programs.

    Feeding programs are not just meant for those who are found to be malnourished. It’s meant for those who roam the streets night and day. It’s meant for those who beg from others night and day. It’s meant for everyone in need – no exceptions. As someone fighting against poverty in his own little way, this is a great start for you.

    Visit orphan homes.

    The reason for this is quite simple: to inspire kids to achieve their goals in life, no matter what happens. It’s also to inspire adults to help kids to achieve their goals in life, no matter what happens. This way, they won’t be able to think about being poor. They will just think about being rich – being successful enough to inspire more kids and adults into fighting poverty in their own way.

    Engage in sports.

    You’ll never know. The power of sports? It doesn’t only give off powers for those who are looking to achieve their goals. It also gives off powers for those who are looking to become miracles in the eyes of their loved ones – not just for one kid, but for many kids who are nearly at their edge.

    Most of all, give as much as you can.

    Whether you’re donating cash to an international foundation or giving presents to a cancer foundation, you will always be a role model – not just for kids, but also for adults who are still looking to change their lives for the better.

    Know any other tips as you fight against poverty in your own little way? Share them with us below!

  • Things to Consider When Looking for a Place to Volunteer


    Volunteering is a rewarding experience that comes with many beneficial effects. The altruistic reasons alone make it a worthwhile endeavor to pursue. But it also comes with responsibilities. If you want volunteer work that is meaningful and worthwhile, you have to make informed decisions that align with your advocacies. Here are some things to consider when looking for a place to volunteer.

    What drives you

    Whether you are volunteering abroad or at a local community center, think about your motivations for doing so. How committed are you to doing the volunteer work? There is nothing wrong with taking photos or building your network with other volunteers. But you have to be clear about your priorities. Volunteer work is not an easy job. Your commitment level can impact the way you do the job and the sense of fulfillment you get from it.

    What makes you curious

    Think of a place that you may have wanted to explore for the longest time. Now may be a good time to explore the possibility of doing some volunteer work there. Find out what volunteer opportunities are available in your chosen destination. Look for reputable international volunteer organizations that you can work with to fulfill two dreams at once – visit and volunteer in the country you want to learn more about.

    Where is it that has the most need

    Choose from among the places that you think have the most need. It does not have to be the poorest of the poor communities where many may already be serving. Find out where help is needed and evaluate how you can contribute in your own little ways.

    Where your skills match the needs

    Find a place to volunteer where your skills match the greatest needs. What are you good at? Are you a medical professional? Do you have the skills for education related work? Do you have experiences in environmental programs and conservation? Evaluate your skill set and use it to decide which place to go when you want to volunteer internationally.