Birding and Volunteering

Poverty can have various definitions. For one, it isn’t just..

Birding and Volunteering

Poverty can have various definitions. For one, it isn’t just the lack of money. Some people may be rich in money but poor in friends. Poverty can also refer to a poor environment, which is no longer sustainable for people.

This is where the act of taking care of the environment and of others come in.

We may not be able to cover all people deprived of their basic needs when we volunteer, but the most important thing is that we did something.

Below are just some of the many groups a person can join to help create a sustainable environment for all and a better environment for those who are financially poor.

Aberdeen and District Local Group


This group established in Scotland makes birdwatching an enjoyable activity for anyone. They also conduct talks on wildlife interest which will make listeners realize the significance of animal care.

Field trips are likewise organized every Sunday and midweek, and they’re open for all ages—whether a beginner or professional birder.

This group had various successful fundraising events over the years which help local projects like the RSPB Loch of Strathbeg reserve.

BirdLife Australia

In this group, volunteers aim to make a volunteer-hands-colorfuldifference for the birds in Australia.

The group is open to any age, regardless of experience level in birding. They conduct bird conservation surveys and tree-planting activities. They even teach children about the plight of birds.

No matter how much time you can offer, this group has an activity for you and your interests.

The World Birding Center

This is perhaps one of the most popular birding group. They have a wide variety of opportunities for everyone.

Their mission is “to significantly increase appreciation, understanding and active conservation of the habitat, birds and other wildlife for current and future generations through education, community involvement, and sustainable nature tourism.

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Aside from preserving our natural habitat, they also aim to increase the comprehension and love of birds and wildlife.

There are various volunteer groups out there. Remember: Every effort in volunteering can make a significant change in our way of living.

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